Selected Published Works and Speeches of Leonard P. Liggio

On this page, we have collected a sampling of Leonard’s scholarly contributions on matters of history and institutions; contemporary policy topics; and economics and the classical liberal revival. Following Leonard’s death in October 2014, David Hart at Liberty Fund assembled this additional page full of Leonard’s (unsigned) editorial contributions to Literature of Liberty: A Review of Contemporary Liberal Thought between the years of 1978-1982).

History and Institutions

Modern Historiography and Political Education,” presented at the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in 1997.

“The Heritage of The Spanish Scholastics” (published in two parts: part 1part 2Religion & Liberty, 2000.

“The Medieval Law Merchant, Economic Growth and the Challenge of The Public Choice State”, written for
Journal des Économistes et des Études Humaines, 1998.

Social Scientists, Schooling, and the Acculturation of Immigrants in 19th Century America,” written with Joseph Peden for The Journal of Libertarian Studies, 1978.

Herbert Butterfield: Christian Historian as Creative Critic,” New Individualist Review, 1961

Flex Morley and the Commonwealth Tradition: The Country-Party, Centralization and the American Empire,” in the Journal of Libertarian Studies, 1978.

Henry George, Private Property, and The American Origins of Rerum Novarum,” for a Liberty Fund symposium held at The Acton Institute, 2003.

Charles Dunoyner and French Classical Liberalism,” Journal of Libertarian Studies, 1977.

“The Development of the Judicial System at the Great Fairs of Champagne and Brie in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries”, written while at Fordham University, 1959

Religious Culture and Customary Legal Tradition: Historical Foundations of European Market Development”,” prepared for George Mason University School of Law

Catholicism in The Era of American Independence,” Catholic Dossier, 1999

The Future That Never Happened: A Review of It Didn’t Happen Here: Socialism Failed in the United States by Lipset and Marks,” Policy Review Online, 2000

“Property in Roman Religion and Early Christian Fathers,” a chapter in Business and Religion: A Class of Civilizations?, edited by Nicolas Capaldi, 2005

On Joyce Appleby’s The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism,” The Freeman, 2011

The Influence of the French Revolution

The Hispanic Tradition of Liberty: The Road Not Taken in Latin America,” presented at the Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting in Guatemala, 1990

Contemporary Policy Topics

Mao-izing American Education,” Reason, 1976

Political Economy of Higher Education,” presented to Salvatori Leadership Conference, 1993

The Role of The State in Higher Education,” presented at an Atlas International Workshop, 1993

The Collapse of Communism: The Continued Challenge of Socialism,” presented at Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala, 1990

The New Nationalism: What Does America Stand For,” presented at the Rockford Institute, 1992

The Importance of Political Traditions,” published by the Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa, 1992

Foreign Policy and the Values of a Republic,” presented at a Cato Institute forum on “The New World Order and its Alternatives: America’s Role in the 1990s,” 1992

Native Americans and Property Rights,” The Libertarian Forum, 1971

U.S. Foreign Policy Reconsidered since the Cold War,” presented at the Organization of American Historians 87th Annual Meeting in 1994.

This Hemisphere of Liberty,” presented at the 1996 Regional Meeting in Cancun, Mexico, of the Mont Pelerin Society.

The Market for Rules, Privatization, and The Crisis of the Theory of Public Goods,” in George Mason University Law Review, 1988-1989.

Economics and the Classical Liberal Revival

On Classical Liberalism: History and Thought,” in The International Library of Austrian Economics, 2000.

Law and Legislation in Hayek’s Legal Philosophy,” Southwestern University Law Review, 1994.

F.A. Hayek and the Classical Liberal Tradition,” published by the Philadelphia Society,  2000.

Introduction to F.A. Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty,” prepared for the Chinese translation by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 1999

Comment on: Norman P. Barry, Making Sense of Hayek: The Theory of The Spontaneous Order,” presented at the 1994 General Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Mises and History,” in The Libertarian Forum, 1974.

Murry Rothbard and Jacksonian Banking,” from The Contributions of Murry Rothbard to Monetary Economics

A New Look at Robert A. Taft,” written for the American Historical Association, 1973

On Peter J. Boettke’s Living Economics,” published for Atlas, 2012

On Ralph Raico’s The Place of Religion in the Liberal Philosophy of Constant, Tocqueville, and Lord Acton,” published for the Mises Economics Blog, 2010.

Ideas Always Have Consequences,” presented at the National Conference on Economic Freedom, 1981

Leonard Liggio’s Presidential Address,” presented at the 2004 General Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society.