Video Archive

Fans of Leonard are encouraged to order a DVD produced in 2006 by Liberty Fund, Inc., titled A Conversation with Leonard Liggio, part of its Intellectual Portrait Series. The interview was conducted by John Blundell and provides a fascinating tour of the post-WWII classical liberal revival as seen by one of its great architects and historians.

On this page, we collect a number of online videos featuring Leonard.    

An interview of Leonard conducted at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala)

“A Historical Perspective on the Tea Party Movement” (a lecture at Summer University of the New Economics in Aix-en-Provence, France, 2011)

“On The Road to Serfdom (a presentation within a Cato Forum also featuring Ed Crane and James Buchanan)

“Remembering Milton Friedman” (An Atlas Network video featuring Leonard Liggio and Alejandro Chafuen)

“The Rise of the Modern American Libertarian Movement” (a lecture for the Future of Freedom Foundation, Virginia, 1995)

“The Resurgence of Classical Liberalism” (a lecture at the Second European Libertarian Convention, Norway, 1985)

“The Political Constituencies for Gold”  (A speech at the Mises Institute’s first conference, November 1983)

“A Celebration of Leonard Liggio” assembled by the IES-Europe on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary

Leonard Liggio: A History of Foreign Policy from a Libertarian Perspective

Leonard speaking to the Leadership Institute