Notable & Quotable – Wall St. Journal

The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion page, A11, Wednesday, August 21, 2013 had a short quote entitled: “Ronald M Hartwell in “The Politicization of Society”” (1979). This refers to an essay of the late president of the Mont Pelerin Society and Oxford economic historian, Max Hartwell. The Institute for Humane Studies’ Kenneth S. Templeton developed the idea to focus on the Politicization of Society and asked me to collaborate with him on selecting already published essays on the topic. We organized a conference of the authors at Fordham University-Lincoln Center’s Graduate School of Business Administration where the the dean was Professor Louis Spadaro (who had done his Ph. D. under Ludwig von Mises and soon was the president of IHS). Among the authors whose articles or chapters were discussed included: Max Hartwell, who each Fall semester was a visiting professor at the University of Virginia; John Lukacs from Philadelphia; Robert Nisbet who was the Schwitzer professor at Columbia University; and Giovanni Sartori (Stanford University) whose “Liberty and Law” was published as IHS’s “Studies in Law No. 5” reprinted from Satori’s Democratic Theory (as a result of the conference, Nisbet recommended Satori as his successor as Schwitzer professor at Columbia University). I wrote to publishers for reprint rights, and some claimed they did not have the rights or did not know who did. The collection of articles was published by Liberty Fund as The Politicization of Society (1979), edited by Kenneth S. Templeton.