Friends of Leonard

If you would like to submit a memory of Leonard, please email and include “Leonard Liggio” in the subject line. Your comments will ultimately be posted here. We also welcome your comments and fond memories of Leonard on our Atlas Network Facebook tribute post.

In thanking Leonard for his service to the classical liberal movement, you will joining a distinguished list of Friends of Leonard who contributed to the Born on the 5th of July book published in 1998.  We have listed their names at the bottom of this page, along with links to Web sites of many of the organizations with which Leonard has been affiliated during his long career.

We also ask that you join with Liberty Fund, the Earhart Foundation, and others to help sustain the Liggio Lecture Series into the future. To make a contribution to this program, just specify “Liggio Legacy Project” where you are given the opportunity to designate your gift when using this online donation form.

Friends of Leonard – Liggio Legacy Project:

Acton Institute
William W Carruth III
William C. Dennis
Traute Grether
Tim and Denyse Browne
The Lowndes Foundation
Terry Anker
Stilla T Schmidt
Steven and Lenore Ealy
Steve and Susan Pejovich
Stanley Stillman
Scott McDermott
Roger Ream
Roger Custer
Roger and Juliana Pilon
Robert M. St. Louis
Robert Enlow
Rick Lowe
Rick and Jane Stroup
Richard Ware
Richard J. Kossmann
Richard J. Boyd
Richard Fink
Richard Duesenberg
Richard A. Viguerie
Randy Barnett
Ralph Childs
Rainer Heufers
Pete Lips
Paul Johnson
Patrick Lawler
Pat Lawler
Pamela Hoiles
Odell Huff
Nikolai Wenzel
Ms. Thompson
Ms. Maslauskait
Ms. Jacqueline E. Schafer
Mrs. William F. McGuire
Mr. St. Louis
Mr. Middendorf
Mr. Meyer
Mr. McCarthy
Mr. Mattern
Mr. George
Mr. Childs
Mr. Cheney
Mr. Blankenship
Montgomery and Mary Brown
Miriam Luce
Miriam F. Luce
Michelle Le
Michel Kelly-Gagnon
Michael Munger
Mary and Bill Braum
Martin Mattern
Maria Paganelli
Margaret Tse
Madeline M. Dale
Luis Henrique Ball
Lou Villadsen
Lorraine Marina
Leonidas Zelmanovitz
Leif Solberg
Le Michelle
Lawrence Janesky
Kurt Schuler
Kris Mauren
Kenneth Templeton
Kenneth D. George
Kathryn Washburn
Julie Planck
Juliana and Roger Pilon
Jon Basil Utley
John McCarthy
John Hilboldt
John Cheney
John and Christine Blundell
John Allison IV
JoAnne Shepler
Joan Thompson
Jerry and Leah Fullinwider
Jerome Fullinwider
Janice J. Gabbert
Jan Gabbert
James Dorn
James Deering Danielson Foundation
Jacqueline E. Schafer
Jack and Diane Sommer
J.R. Clark
J.P. Humphreys Foundation
J. William Middendorf
Israel Kirzner
Ingrid Gregg
Howard Baetjer
Henry Manne
Henry Galliot
Helen Louise Harper
Helen Harper
Helen Baumann
Grace Goodell
Gordon Paine
Giancarlo Ibarguen
Gerry Ohrstrom
Gerald O’Driscoll, Jr. and Ms. Maralene Martin
Gerald Fickenscher
George Meyer
George H. Nash
George and Marilyn Pearson
Gary Short
Gary and Genie Short
Fred Singer
Frank van Dun
Frank Egan
Francis Egan
Ella Mae McGuire
Edwin J. Feulner
Eduardo Mayora
Edita Maslaukaite
Ed Feulner
Dr. Mingardi
Dr. Kurt Schuler
Douglas J. Den Uyl
Donors Trust
Dick Riemann
Dick and Reinie Riemann
Deroy Murdock
Deepak Lal
Dean Ahmad
David Keyston
David Kennedy
David H. Keyston
David E. Shellenberger
David Blankenship
Danny Boggs
Daniel Oliver
Dane Starbuck
Dane and Bev Starbuck
Dan Grossman
Dalibor Rohac
Curt and Ann Winsor
Cris Lingle
Colby Sandlian
Claire Morgan
Charles Koch
Charles Butterworth
Charles Albers and Julie Planck
Charles Albers
Brad Lips and Stephanie Giovanetti
Bob Poole., Jr.
Bill Sumner
Bill and Nancy Sumner
Bill and Minnie Caruth III
Bill and Mary Braum
Beverly Danielson
Arthur Neis
Art Neis
Anne M. Audouin-Danet
Anne Audouin-Danet
Anna Talieri
Andrea and Howard Rich
Ana Belen Cordero
Ambassador Curtin and Ann Winsor
Allan Meltzer
Allan H. Meltzer
Alberto Mingardi
Alan Kors
Alan Gibbs

Organizations with which Leonard was affiliated:

Individual contributors to the original “Leonard tribute” book, Born on the 5th of July:

  • Florin Aftalion
  • Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad
  • Chet Anderson
  • Digby Anderson
  • Thomas C. Atwood
  • Manuel F. Ayau
  • John A. Baden
  • Randy E. Barnett
  • William W. Beach
  • Gary S. Becker
  • David Beito
  • Catherine Montgomery Blight
  • Walter Block
  • Christine V. & John Blundell
  • David D. Boaz
  • Peter J. Boettke
  • Carolina Bolivar
  • Don Boudreaux
  • Robert L. Bradley Jr.
  • Gordon L. Brady
  • Mark Brady
  • Susan Love Brown
  • Jim Buchanan
  • Charles E. Butterworth
  • Bill Campbell
  • Jean-Pierre Centi
  • Alejandro Chafuen
  • Gregory B. Christiansen
  • Bob Cilinski
  • Edward H. Crane
  • T. Kenneth Cribb Jr.
  • William C. Dennis
  • Donald Devine
  • Detmar Doering
  • James Dorn
  • June P. Dougherty
  • Lee Edwards
  • Jerry Ellig
  • Edwin J. Feulner
  • Jacques Garello
  • Rick Geddes
  • Douglas H. Ginsburg
  • Hannes H. Gissurarson
  • Grace Goodell
  • Deecy Gray
  • Walter E. Grinder
  • Gregory M.A. Gronbacher
  • Stephen P. Halbrook
  • Charles H. Hamilton
  • Helen Harper
  • David M. Hart
  • Max Hartwell
  • Elaine Hawley
  • Jacob G. Hornberger
  • Ed Hudgins
  • Samuel H. Husbands
  • Giancarlo Ibarguen S.
  • Willa Ann Johnson
  • Israel M. Kirzner
  • Daniel Klein
  • Charles Koch
  • Michael I. Krauss
  • Chandran Kukathas
  • Jo Kwong
  • Janerik Larsson
  • Bertrand Lemennicier
  • Henri Lepage
  • Kurt R. Leube
  • Greg Lindsay
  • David A. Lips
  • Edward J. Lopez
  • Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr.
  • Stephen Macedo
  • John Majewski
  • Henry G. Manne
  • William Marina
  • Kris Allan Mauren
  • William H. Mellor
  • Ingrid Merikoski
  • Fernando Monterroso V.
  • John H. Moore
  • Julio O. Morales
  • Jennifer Roback Morse
  • John Moser
  • Vitali A. Naishul
  • Arthur V. Neis
  • William A. Niskanen
  • David Nott
  • Michael Novak
  • Frank O’Connell
  • Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.
  • David H. Padden
  • Tom G. Palmer
  • Ramon Parellada C.
  • George Pearson
  • Steve Pejovich
  • Pete & Ruth Peters
  • Angelo M. Petroni
  • Roger Pilon
  • Robert W. Poole Jr.
  • Art Pope
  • Ralph Raico
  • Andrea Millen Rich
  • Sheldon L. Richman
  • Mario J. Rizo
  • Charles K. Rowley
  • James Sadowsky
  • Pascal Salin
  • Roberto Salinas Leon
  • David Schmidtz
  • George Selgin
  • Jane S. Shaw
  • Jeremy Shearmur
  • Robert A. Sirico
  • Jack Sommer
  • Donald Stewart Jr.
  • Richard L. Stroup
  • Antony T. Sullivan
  • Lawrence Tal
  • John Taylor
  • Kenneth S. Templeton
  • Jon Basil Utley
  • Michael van Notten
  • Karen Vaughn
  • Bridgett G. Wagner
  • Richard A. Ware
  • Christian Watrin
  • Edwin G. West
  • Carl-Johan Westholm
  • Lawrence H. White
  • Walter E. Williams
  • Marty Zupan